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池坊 岩国 Nobu Studioの作品

You are interested in flower arrangement, aren’t you? My name is Nobu Kurashige. I am very glad to see you. Now I would like to tell you how “life with flowers can be so enjoyable”

You are probably aware how a single flower inside your room creates such a pleasant atmosphere. Throughout more than 500 years of history, the art of Japanese flower arrangement has been conferring to us the feelings of the four seasons, various creativities, a sense of beauty as we handle flowers, nature, and sometimes the value system of the Japanese. If you learn how to arrange flowers, you will evolve from the stage of just feeling “it’s nice to see the flowers” to the next level of how to live with flowers and how to make them come alive in your life. When you arrange flowers, you will also experience valuable time concentrating and a sense of fulfillment. Away from the daily routine, it will bring something precious to your life.

It has been fifty years since I started teaching Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement. I learned the basics of Ikebana that sprang from the styles of flower offerings to Buddha in the Ikenobo Flower Arrangement School taught by the main branch in Kyoto, and as their instructor and ambassador was privileged to travel the world. While I was given opportunities to enjoy the unique flowers found in each country, I have taught the charm of Japanese Ikebana using these indigenous flowers. It is universally found that flowers make human hearts become tender and warm. Sometimes they even become a vital support in our lives.

From now on, I am going to be headquartered in my hometown, Iwakuni, and spend time enjoying flowers with people in this region. You don’t need to worry that it may be too formal, too expensive, or that you may have to wear a kimono and so forth. I would just like to invite you to come and take a look at my life with flowers.

For those who live or work on the American base in Iwakuni, my instruction will be in English. I will also continue my lessons in English for students in the US by zoom and other methods. This way, I can maintain my involvement in international relationship as well as enjoying flower arrangement more and more myself.

How nice it would be if you join my efforts and discover the joy of flowers yourself! “You only see the flower once in your life time.” I wonder what kind of flowers are waiting for you, and what kind of people you may encounter through this delightfully nurturing activity.

Nobu Kurashige

池坊 岩国 Nobu Studioの作品
池坊 岩国 Nobu Studioの作品
 Nobu Studio Ikenobo in San Francsco

Nobu Stuio

Nobu Kurashige

2-1-11 Sunayama Iwakuni

Yamaguchi 740-0019 JAPAN


TEL 090-3880-5429

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